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Helping People Conquer Their Obstacles

Through Health & Fitness

Welcome to EKFit

I’m here to help you get started on your fitness journey.  That journey could be just getting off the couch and getting active again or it could be getting you to a fitness level where you can compete in a Spartan Race.  Age is just a number, and raising your fitness level can help you feel and act younger and add years to your life. Whether you’re looking to train for a competition or just want to play with  your kids or grandkids at the playground, I want to share my fitness and nutrition knowledge with you so you can conquer the obstacles holding you back. Let’s get started on this journey together. But before we get started click on MY Story to learn more about me. Remember, I’m here to help you!



We all struggle staying accountable to our health and fitness. I'm here to help you succeed. Get in touch with me so I can help you with your health and fitness journey!

-Ernie Kramer