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Welcome to EKFit and thanks for visiting my page.

My goal for making this connection with you is to share good ideas, cool products, and lessons I’ve learned on my journey to get healthy.  I hope you’ll connect with me and “Like” my facebook page so we can check in with each other often.

Let me start by telling you why getting healthy became a passion of mine.

Up until 1991, I thought I was your average guy with a good job, and a great wife and family. Then I developed digestive issues and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was determined to not let it rule my life.

But determination didn’t matter, I struggled with at least one flare-up per year so my diagnosis was updated to Chronic. To top that off, I also developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I knew I wasn’t winning the battle when my wife had to start attending events without me.

Fast forward eight years; we both wanted to work on our health and fitness so we joined a local gym. Until she didn’t want to go anymore. I was on my own, and I thought I knew what I was doing. However, looking back, I discovered an important lesson; you can’t trade exercise for bad nutrition. I spent lots of time in the gym, with average results.

2009 was our perfect storm! My wife had gained some weight and I was approaching my 50th birthday. Something had to change, but she really didn’t want to go back to the gym. My niece and her husband were getting great results with a workout program they were doing in their home. Turns out it was perfect for us, and we jumped on board.

What a difference! This program was fitness and nutrition. I can honestly say that at 49 I was in the best physical shape of my life!

Despite getting on track with my fitness, I was still dealing with my digestive disease and to be honest, it was starting to impact our life much more than I wanted.

That’s when two new things happened that made all the difference in the world. My specialist suggested I use probiotics, and my pastor offered me healing prayer. My fitness and nutrition adjustments, along with these two things, made a huge difference in my life.

God blessed me with the support and wisdom I needed, and I have not had a flare-up since! They tell me I’m not cured but after 18 years of flare-ups it sure feels like a cure!

Feeling better than I had in 18 years, I wanted a new challenge. In 2014, with the support of local friends, I did my first Spartan race. Instantly I was hooked on Obstacle Course Racing. Being a guy who loves a challenge, I completed my first Spartan Trifecta two years later at the age of 56.

Now, “OCR” racing is a passion that I’ve shared with many of my friends. I’ve learned to adjust my workouts to better prepare for new obstacles I have to face on the course. Which has become a metaphor for my life; adjust, prepare, conquer and overcome. I never imagined that fitness, nutrition, and prayer would totally transform my life.

I am excited to bring you lessons I’ve learned about fitness and nutrition and how you can keep it simple and fun. Plus, you’ll get to meet “Buddy”, our German Short Haired Pointer and my wife, Carolyn, who has her own inspiring journey with wellness. They are the true reason why this matters so much to me.

I am here to inspire you to live your best life. My hope is that you reach out and let me help with anything that’s holding you back. Better yet, if you see me at an Obstacle Course Race, be sure to say Hi!

God bless!
Ernie Kramer

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